As a Christian, I don’t know how I can be a creator myself without looking at the One who created everything around us. I know and understand that not everyone is a Christian or even believes in God, but I am and I do. He teaches me everyday and loves me unconditionally. He is the one who has been by my side throughout my life, leading me to the point I am at now. Because of this, I am not going to forsake Him. If you aren’t interested in reading about my religion, that is okay. You can read my other posts. I’m going to post about everything that influences me to be creative—including my God.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The first thing we see in the Bible is this verse, and it clearly shows that He is the Creator. Artists copy God’s design by recreating scenes around them. Radiant sunsets, towering mountains, dazzling oceans—you name it, there is a painting of it. Also animals and even fellow human beings are creations of our Lord. He handcrafted each and every life on this Earth and they are so intricate—it boggles my mind.

Just think about all the colors we see! Every designer knows the importance of “ROYGBV,” and to think that He made them all! And He even made them within six days. I can’t make much of anything in six days, let alone billions of different lifeforms. It makes me feel inadequate to be considered an artist, yet at the same time it makes me want to work for Him even more.

I know He has called me to be a graphic designer, and for what reasons I am not totally sure, but I know that with His help I can do it. He gives me strength to continue working for Him. God also gives me examples for my projects, and He not only does this for me, but for everyone. He makes me want to use all of my creativity so that I can be like the Creator.