Cookies and Cupcakes.

I’m not much of a cook, but I do love to eat. (And especially dessert.) I’ve recently started cooking more, though, so that when I am out of my parent’s house I can feed my family. I have made meals, but I have noticed that I enjoy making sweet treats a lot more than just regular food—specifically cookies and cupcakes. This has led to a few mishaps in the kitchen.

The Friday before the Fourth of July I was wanting to make something patriotic to eat for Church that Sunday afternoon(we were having a potluck type thing at my church). I had recently found NerdyNummies videos made Captain America ice cream sandwiches—including the cookie part. I decided to make just the cookies and see how it works. It was fun to make them, but they didn’t turn out looking great at all. They were huge and flat which was NOT what I was expecting. I was upset that they turned out so terrible looking.

The next day was the Fourth of July. My boyfriend and his family came over for a few hours and we all ate some of my funky cookies. They did taste good, thankfully, and I was reassured both by my stepmom as well as my boyfriend’s mom that sometimes food just doesn’t come out the way we expect them to come out. I’ve had a few other fumbles in the cooking game, but I keep trying so that I can score those touchdowns and get applause from the crowd(AKA my guinea pigs).

The point of this is that whatever trials we go through in life, we shouldn’t stop trying. Be creative and when it doesn’t work out, we should continue trying out other creative things. If others know about it more than you do, swallow that pride and ask for help. (I know I have a problem with this one.) We can’t do everything, but find your passion and keep going!

Another blog type website that has some great food recipes as well as crafts and designerly things. Hope you enjoy!