February 2018 Wallpaper

Hello, everyone! Here is the pink and slightly floral wallpaper for February!

Anyone else love using calendar wallpapers? I do and I’m kind of addicted to Dawn Nicole Designs wallpapers. Hers are a lot prettier and put together than this one, so be sure to check hers out too.

I wanted to do the traditional pink but not in a too lovey dovey way for February wallpaper. Got a suggestion for next month’s theme?

These are for personal use only. Thanks 🙂

The floral watercolor pieces are from Carousellerie Creative.

How to download and set the wallpapers

  • To download the desktop wallpaper, click the link. Once it opens up, just right-click the image and save it wherever you want.
  • Most computers let you right-click on your current wallpaper and will have an option to change the background. If you aren’t sure, you can Google it for your specifics.
  • For the phone wallpaper, you have to download it and save it into your pictures. If you aren’t currently on a phone, you can download it and either email it to yourself, or else save it on a cloud system such as One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. (The one I use for things like this is Dropbox)

Leave a comment if you have an idea for next month!. Also, would you like it if I offer a Monday start as well as the Sunday start? I always use Sunday first but other people may not.