“the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”

People think that artists are the only ones with this creative vein running through their blood. Let me tell you that we aren’t, but in fact everyone does. We all have a spark inside of us that just needs to be lit.

Have you ever noticed that children love to draw and color, even when they aren’t good at it? Once we start to realize how well we draw or don’t draw, that is when we stop or continue. A lot of people will shut down this creativity and never dust it off and use it again. This is something that I hear a lot from friends and family—”Oh, you are an art major. That’s why you can do it and I can’t.” These people are tearing themselves down by doing this, and I hate seeing that.

There are many ways one can show his creative side—cooking, drawing,playing an instrument, interior design, building, singing, typography, acting, writing, painting, costume design, public speaking, gardening, hair styling,web design,nail art,sowing, movie directing…I think the possibilities are almost endless. Some people are talented in many of these things, while some hone in on one or two. We just need to find out what we like to do and work at it. Don’t lose your spark of creativity.