Seasoning Life

I’m back with another post about food because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like food?

Considering I’m halfway through college and still living at home, I get to help my family by cooking dinner once a week. (Yay, adulthood!) It’s pretty much every Friday, and I always forget to plan ahead and decide what I’ll be making. My go to meat, though, is chicken. Always chicken. In fact, I’ve been doing this for a few months and I’m pretty sure only two times the meal did NOT include this delicacy.

Because I don’t plan ahead, I normally just cook some noodles or rice, warm up some frozen veggies, and then thaw the chicken and fry it on the stove. If we happen to have vegetables from the previous night, I use those instead—like salad because I love it and it’s not much to worry about. But no matter what the rest of the meal is, you can rely on me to use seasonings. My favorite are seasoned salt and garlic salt. (yum!)

I like to cook the chicken on the stove in our big black saucepan filled with olive oil. Then I douse the pan with whichever season I have picked out, as well as rub it into the raw meat, then lay the chunks into the heated liquid. I like the chicken to have a crisp to it, so a lid is not normally used. Although, a lid helps it cook A LOT faster and doesn’t dry out as quickly, you just lose my favorite crunch. (A lid also helps my house from filling with smoke. Where does it come from anyway?)

When I cook the chicken like this I get a lot of praise from my teenage brother. He says I cook almost as well as a black woman. Almost. The rest of my family enjoys the meal, too, and it just makes me super happy.

Now—you may be wondering what the point of this post is. I’m not gonna lie, it did make me want to eat some chicken. BUT the point of this is that the meal tastes delicious with seasonings. Think of life as a tasteless thing, until you mix in some tragic, exciting, and thrilling moments. If you don’t have the bad times, then you will not know what the good, flavorful life is.

Let’s not forget that the Lord wants us who are Christians to be the salt of the Earth. (That’s right, He wants us to be a seasoning for others! Only the good kind, not the one that will leave a distaste for Him.)

This life is full of meaning and is so crazy when you think about it, but it is my life and it is your life—now let’s get to seasoning it!