My favorite Superheroes

Have you noticed the explosion of superhero movies and memorabilia? Marvel and DC both have been releasing a plethora of movies and television shows alike.  There are hundreds of supers that have raced across our screens, and I’m here to tell you about which ones raced into my heart. (You probably have an opinion about which one is better—I like Marvel more—but this post is a no arguing zone.)

  1. Captain America

    Chris Evans as Captain America Superhero

    This man is one of the most loyal guys ever. He was willing to die for his country and those around him—remember the scene with the fake grenade that he jumped on top of?—and this was before he was given the super soldier serum. Just look at how he treats his teammates, not to mention how he desperately tries to save Bucky. In Civil War he wants Wanda to believe she is good, not just a mistake just waiting to happen. He also has a deeply rooted love for his country and believes in one God who does not dress like Thor. (No offense to the blond demi-god.) He is strong physically because of the serum, but he has mental strength from his years of being put down. Steve Rogers has put his own life on the line many times, and I’m willing to bet he could do it all day.

  2. Spiderman

    The Three Spideys Superhero

    I think Spiderman was the first superhero movie that I ever watched, and I guess that has made me so attached. I have always loved Peter Parker, though. He’s a nerdy, quirky guy that get’s these awesome powers! With great power comes with great responsibility though so he can’t exactly show his true self to everybody. And his boss kind of thinks he’s a menace. There are many Spidey universes and with each one we can fall in love with the teenage boy that goes through so much heartache, yet still overcomes the evil. Plus he can make you laugh when he teases his enemies, and a merry heart does good like a medicine. And if you’re wondering why I have all three Spidey’s in the picture, it’s because I can’t decide which one is best. And I am so thrilled about the new Spiderman movie coming out next summer with a high school Peter Parker.

  3. The Flash

    Grant Gustin as The Flash Superhero

    I’m not going to disappoint any DC fans, so here is my favorite DC superhero. This past summer I watched the first season of The Flash with Grant Gustin as our Barry Allen. To me, he is a lot like Peter Parker (I wish that one day a crossover will happen), and yet he is still so originally himself. He grew up wanting to free his Dad from prison for the suspected murder of his own mother, and if that doesn’t give you the feels I don’t know what will. Once Barry receives his lightning quick speed, he trains with an amazing crew of people. And don’t let me forget to mention how he has been crushing on his kind of but not really sister, Iris West. His love and respect for the people around him makes him a beacon of light that attracts everyone. And I think Grant Gustin portrays this young forensic scientist very well. When he tears up on screen, it makes me want to cry. No seriously—watch one of the scenes and your heart will break. The Flash has made me laugh, made me angry, and made me heartbroken. And that’s all from the character!

  4. Black Widow

    Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow Superhero

    The only female hero I ever liked as a child was Halle Berry’s Catwoman, but I haven’t seen that movie in forever and quite frankly Black Widow’s character is more complex. Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, is the heroine of this age. She’s like an awesome spy ninja that can literally take out men who have superpowers. Black widow is more than that, though. Natasha was basically brain washed as a young girl and grew up having a hard time trusting others. Whatever happened between her and Hawkeye is a movie mystery, but she was finally able to break down a wall to let someone else in. And as we saw in Age of Ultron, she was welcomed by his wife and children, too. Also in that movie, we saw a side of her that shows she isn’t just a heartless robot. She cannot have children and it does hurt her emotionally, and yet she still wakes up the next day to keep fighting. This gives her character a more tangible, realistic side. She and Bruce Banner also have some attraction to each other that, though in the movie felt really random and hasn’t done much since, still gives us a glimpse of her raw emotions as a woman. In Civil War we see her side with Tony, but still help Steve and Bucky out, too. She’s smart, sarcastic, and beautiful. Now I’m excited for a Black Widow solo movie.

What do you think of my faves? Who are your favorites and why? Let me know by voting and commenting below!

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