Meet Our New Blogger

Zach's First EP, ArteryMeet Zach

Say hello to my new contributor! I’ll still be posting about graphic design, but he will be posting about his new music career. Zach will be explaining the process behind some of his music as well as promoting himself, obviously. You can find him on YouTube, or even go to his own website!

Zach has been one of my closest friends for eight years now, and I’m excited for him as he starts doing what God has led him to do. He is talented not only in his singing and song writing, but in other areas as well. Read the interview below to  get to know this new musician as he takes his journey to reaching the world via sound!

Trin: What is your goal for making music?
Zach: First of all, I want to glorify Jesus because He gave me a talent and I don’t want to waste it.  I want to show people the light He is in my life, and I simply want to bless others. Another reason I create music is because it serves as a therapeutic coping mechanism. Whenever I go through hard times, it is nice to be able to express it through words and kind of create my own vision of it.

I truly believe that everything has a hideous side and a beautiful side, and I think that art in general showcases that good can come from bad situations. There is always something relatable to others in music, and a lot of the time there is a lesson to be learned. I guess overall, I want to help others get through rough situations, and show them that they are not alone and that Jesus is always available.

T: Do you think God has called you to this profession?
Z: “Oh most certainly, sir.”  Yes, I just quoted SpongeBob…Definitely! I would be nowhere without Jesus. I will never water that down, either. My music doesn’t always explicitly reference Jesus, but every song was given to me by Him. I know there are going to be people out there, both supposedly Christian and supposedly not Christian, who will try to tell me I am doing things wrong, but I know in my heart what is right and wrong. I also know where I am going in general and Who my faith is rooted in.

T: What inspires your music?
Z: Anything and everything. I can’t simply list one inspiration for my music. I suppose Jesus is the main inspiration, because He supplies all the inspiration, but there are several daily. For instance, my upcoming album, Heart, was heavily inspired by the medical field, the human body, human spirituality and thought, and love (not the typical kind though, I expressed love in many different forms that underlie in many of my songs). I am so inspired by the simplest of things which is nice. I tend to have an appreciation for the little things in life.

T: What other creative things do you like to do?
Z: I LOVE art in general so anything artistic really. I branch out—I enjoy drawing, painting, writing, baking, etc…I will try anything. Art is just the motto for my life. It is soothing and makes me happy. Imagining in general makes me happy. It’s probably my favorite thing to do because there is no limit.

T: Is there an approximate date for your first official album, Heart?
Z: I honestly don’t know yet. I am hoping for December of 2016, but I can’t be too sure because unfortunately right now, music cannot be my main focus. I am a student and work full time. As much as I’d love to focus on Heart, it just isn’t top priority. It’s just hard to balance everything. If not December 2016, then most likely January or February of 2017.

T: Are you taking any classes in college related to music?
Z: I took music appreciation, but that’s about it. I am actually in school to become a physical therapist assistant—totally unrelated. I can’t wait to be a PTA, but the long-term goal is music.

T: Do you like to listen to movie scores?
Z: Do I like to? Yes. Do I typically? No. I love orchestral music with all of my heart. I even have plans to someday incorporate that into my music. Back in music appreciation, part of my grade was to attend concerts for symphonies and such, and I loved it. I’m really into Adam Young of Owl City doing scores though. Fantastic idea, and wonderfully crafted. I also love the orchestral layout for The Legend of Zelda franchise. Scores are amazing, but I love crafting words that coincide with music so you will probably never see me making scores, but I won’t rule that out.

T: How do you plan your music?
Z: It all starts with an idea. Anything I can correlate with something else in a unique way. My music is usually very literal; I’m aware that I’m not the only musician who is avant garde or who uses random objects or things as instrumentation, but I use it very literally. The object has to pertain to the theme and idea of the song in some fashion. My process, I believe, is unique.  I usually title songs first—and I know that is very unusual, but to me, if the title is not eye catching or interesting, I am not as drawn to listen to a song so I try to focus on that a little more than most.

After I decide on either a cool title or a cool concept, I will begin to find a metaphor that fits the scenario and makes enough sense. A lot of the time, I will seek out interesting sounding “smart” words and plug them into the lyrics. Then I try to find that unusual thing that is not actually an instrument that will fit with the theme of the song and use it. Not always, but if I can, I will. It is so fun to me to be able to take a weird, typical, annoying, or whatever kind of sound and morph it into something artistic (In Heart I’ve used things such as keys, heartbeats, medical equipment, pill bottles, broken speakers, drains, faucets, etc…). After that process, I just edit, edit, edit ‘til it is perfect in my eyes and to my ears.

T: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Z: I see myself in the music industry, and with at least four albums. I already have concept ideas for future albums, but that will not be disclosed. I see success and I see being an example to the world. That is my goal. This is for Jesus.

T: Once you get more fans, will you ever do a meet and greet?
Z: Absolutely! I can’t wait to meet fans! I think that is the coolest thing. I’m aware of the health risks, but to be able to meet people, and at least share a little more of me and my story, is everything. I’m most excited to help others through my art, and to show them that having Jesus is not a bad thing.