Designing against Trafficking

This world has a lot of problems. Crimes are happening every day and sometimes I wonder how I as a designer can stop any of it. But instead of being discouraged by the effects I should become a cause—a cause for Christ and for my fellow-man. Becoming a catalyst even among your own group of friends can start a spark in a whole new way.

September will be two years since I felt God’s call on my life for a more hands-on ministry. And yes, I work in a print shop where we send Bibles all across the world to men and women in need of the Lord, but that’s the spiritual side. I want to help them physically, too. The long-term goal is to help in a troubled teen home of some sort, or maybe even run one some day. But a few months after God brought this to my attention, He led me to the problem of human trafficking.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a form of slavery that is found all over the globe today. Most people think of it being a third world country concept, but in reality it is extremely prominent here in the US, as well as other wealthy countries. These innocent people—mostly teens and young children but adults as well—are forced into slave labor or sexual slavery. They are treated as animals and sold for their bodies to others for a pretty penny.

But it doesn’t stop there. These slaves are also forced into the pornography business, and the customers have no idea. I’ve had someone tell me that they know that the people they watch aren’t being trafficked, but this is a lie. You would have no idea. Because of this, I have also joined along in the fight against the pornography industry. This isn’t the only reason I have to fight against porn, but it is one of the most heartbreaking. Pornography has taken hold of society and is a booming business globally.

What You Can Do to Help

Now I’m not physically out there yet when it comes to rescuing these victims. I wish I could be—just to save one would probably move me to tears. As for now, though, I have a busy schedule with work, school, friends, and family. Many of you are probably in the same boat and are wondering what you can do to help this cause.

  • Pray

    This is the easiest one to do. We can pray that the Lord lead these men, women, boys and girls out of these terrible situations. God can send people their way to rescue them from this torment. Find out specific names of people saved from these circumstances and pray for their recovery. (A lot of times in advertisements they change the names due to privacy, but God knows who you’re praying for.)

  • Donate

    If you have a burden from the Lord to donate, don’t hesitate. Do it! God will do something with the money you have given over. Sometimes I think about how much I as a “poor college student” am donating and worry about paying my bills. I just have to remember that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28—my life verse) It isn’t my money to be stingy about, anyway. If you want to donate, there will be a list at the end of this post of different organizations.

  • Inform

    Resources are everywhere when it comes to this topic. You can study up and spread the information to everyone you know. Don’t let it be a conversation that is a passing thing, either. Make sure those around you know this is a serious problem that needs to be stopped! If you are a creative person—and I’m sure you are in your own way—you can create a poster, a shirt, a painting, a song, anything to spread the word of trafficking and pornography. Some of the resources listed below sell merchandise, so not only will you be supporting them but also spreading the word via your clothing.

A few of the organizations listed below even do classes that can help spread awareness in your community. Trafficking is a very real thing and I’m glad it has gotten more attention in recent years. Without the End It Movement, I don’t know if I would have learned about human trafficking at all. My journey into the trafficking awareness started with a Facebook group for my college campus, but it touched me deeper than just the one day event.

I hope you guys will either look into trafficking and help me fight against it, or else represent for your own passions. Don’t let it be said that you as a Christian weren’t fighting to rescue people from sinful lives and circumstances. Be a light in the darkness, and be salt of the earth.

The following links are available as resources to help you learn more about the epidemic. I donate to all of these movements, but you can choose to do what you want. Each group has their own specific objective on trafficking. Because I’ve only just started to be involved with the fight against pornography, there is only one listing here. I’m not sure how many other groups there are, but you can research for yourself if this does not satisfy.

Although this isn’t associated with trafficking, abortion is something else I’m passionate about. You can visit to learn more.

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