Need a designer?

I can help. Below is a list of specific things I am available to do for you! If you are in need of multiple items, then the pay will be $10 per hour. Email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding design based items. Even if you don’t want me to design something for you, I will happily give you some tips for your own DIY projects. Happy designing!

Book Covers

I have done seven or eight book covers for my current workplace over a span of two years. I would need the overall size—including spine width—of the book. If you do not have the finished sizing, I can base it off of my previous templates and give you a dummy cover until size is finalized. Pricing includes front, spine, and back of the book. Please specify if the book will instead be a booklet (aka stapled, not glue bound.) I also wish to have my name listed as the cover designer somewhere on the inside pages.

Starting Price: $150.00.

First two edits after approval are free, after that a $15.00 charge per edit.

Web Help

I am able to help with HTML and CSS as well as WordPress. Because I am still learning about these things, I charge very little compared to professionals. This helps you not spend a great deal, but I may also not be able to help with your issue as quickly and efficiently as you need. Depending on our communication, it should be done within an hour. If I am not able to help I will tell you upfront and try to suggest what you should do.

$10 per hour

Logo Design

Logo design takes a lot of planning. We would need to discuss whether it is just text, an icon, or both. Also specify if you are in need of black and white, grayscale, color, or multiple versions. Please send me a few examples of what you like as well as other logos in the same business field as yours. The final file will either be an AI or EPS depending on which you’d rather have.

Starting Price: $190.00

First two edits after approval are free, after that a $15.00 charge per edit.


This includes business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. To make sure your company has unity, it is best to have matching designs for all your products and business material. If you are in need of this bundle, specify sizing needed for all three items. If anything will be black and white or grayscale, please let me know and the price will be slightly lower. Send me examples of what you like as well as what other business in your field have done.

Starting Price: $150.00

Photo Editing

I am available to make minor photo shoot edits. I can do color correction, brightness, luminosity, saturation, and minor blemish removal. If you want one person’s pose to be switched to another pose, please provide an image with the same angle from the photo shoot so that the replacement will be as clean as possible. (This image does not count as one of the five unless you want it separately edited.) I have done this for some of my own family photos, and with three young children these kind of swaps happen quite frequently. I can also change the color of certain objects within photos if need be. Because these files can be very large, photos may need to be sent via Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive.

Starting Price: $100 per 5 photos or $180 for 10 photos


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